Stop Acting Like Your Political Views are “Superior”

Hey, quite frankly, I could care less about whom you support for president. We live in the United States of America — everyone is entitled to free speech and religion; this includes political views, too. But every day I seem to encounter certain people who are so “sure” that their political views and favorite presidential candidate are unrivaled. In their shallow, weak minds, these people will actually perceive you as an enemy or a threat to the world, and most importantly, to themselves, if you disagree with them.

You know the type I’m referring to: They think their opinions are facts, they tirelessly argue with you, they attempt to change your views, or they’ll call you unintelligent, a racist, a feminist, a socialist, a bigot, a xenophobe, a communist, a capitalist, a Marxist, and the list goes on. None of them can sit and have a reasonable political conversation without foaming at the mouth — like rabid hyenas — viciously attacking you for daring to support a different party or candidate than they do. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve been telling people I’m an independent, undecided, and probably won’t vote at all. (This causes the least amount of controversy, I figure.) Is this what the state of politics has become?

It never used to be like this when I was growing up. I can fondly remember many Christmas dinners during my teenage years where my family and friends would have logical, respectful, intellectual conversations about politics and which candidates we supported. And while we didn’t all agree with each other, there was a factor from those times that’s missing from today’s society: tolerance. And with that tolerance, we respected each other’s views — aside from the occasional tussle or two — without all the flamboyantly arrogant tirades that have become a staple in the modern world. Here’s a couple of examples (selected from the cringe-worthy comments section of certain media outlets and

1.Your candidate appeals to the low educated uninformed moron voters of the right. Your racist verbal diareah “just as much as the entire minority population had a right to re-elect Barrack Obama in 2012” puts you in the low intellect quotient of the right. Get this straight, America voted unanimously for Obama both times. America voted out the party of hate, racism, failed economic policies, failed foreign policies and the ultimate failure..911. Minorities did not vote Obama to office, the informed American voter did.”

2. “Thats fucking pathetic. Bernie has been very clear on what he wants to do, so now you are telling people to check his supper secret backers  If you cant find anything in the real world creat a fiction in you head right?? Childish and dishonest…  This is Sanders plan in a nut shell 1) end the 250,000/yr cap on SS tax,     to save SS.  2) raise the maginal tax rate to income over     400k to 39.9% raise the marginal tax rate for incomes over  2mill to 50% This will be used to create and fund infrastructure projects 3) stop offshore tax havens to pay off the debt 4) Impose a 0.5% fee on stock trades, 0.1% fee on bonds and a 0.005% fee on derivatives To create tuition free college  Plus the supper secret undercover stuff, thats funded by the reptilians overlords as part of the satanic desire to control humanity.”

Phew, that was a mouthful, eh? I didn’t bother spell checking or editing any of these maniacs’ comments (albeit I probably should have for better readability) — especially the one about how the reptilian overlords are controlling humanity! Oh, boy. This is what politics has become in the United States: Meaningless, provocative, ad hominem attacks on personality instead of sharing different views like PEOPLE do, not animals.

I have friends who are democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, independents, and so on. And while I don’t agree with all of their political views, I certainly would never judge them based on those views or based on what candidate they support. And you know what? They are the same way to me. We have mutual respect for one another. We don’t plot ways to burn each other’s houses down if we disagree. Our eyes don’t bulge out of our faces looking like Charles Manson. It’s called being a civil, mature human being that understands there are other views — other than one’s own — in today’s world.

You’re not intellectually or morally superior because of your political party or views. You’re not more informed than everybody else because you like a certain candidate or viewpoint. Your opinions are not facts. You don’t have the right to threaten others because they disagree with you. And you’re certainly not the bearer of all political knowledge.

People have a right to support whoever they feel is best prepared to become president, and they shouldn’t have to fear being intimidated by others for having those political views.



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