Just Be My Honesty

Just Be My Honesty

Let me explain to you, my fictitious friend
What honest means to me
Take a moment between beginning and end
To comprehend and really see

Honest is truth and trust and pure
When I say be honest, be kind
I don’t want it to sound obscure
I don’t want lies to flood and fill my mind

Don’t pad your words and dull my thoughts
Keep your sugar-coated cliches
Firing off like little, unseen shots
Each manipulative and depraved phrase

Tell me the truth, just spit it out
Forget your needless sense of self-preservation
Just for a moment, don’t make me doubt
Your ability to adhere to a simple sensation

I can handle any words, any truth, in stride
I don’t need you to spare me pain
What I really cannot stand is when you lied
What is it you hope to gain?

I am stronger, more so than I look i’m sure
My heart can taking your beating
I might fall to desolate floors but I’ll endure
My trust in you should not be fleeting

So, when before me you stand
With wretched words long since planned
Please remember my simple demand
And then perhaps you’ll understand


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  1. Nice one & nicely written. Thanks.
    Seems like a simple enough request… but obviously it’s a lot to ask for most people. Hell, we are so use to lies, most of us wouldn’t recognize honesty if it smacked us in the face. 😉

    • Thanks! 🙂

      I think the fact that you used “smacked us in the face” in that context proves the point even more. >.<

      People really seem to view honesty as this heavy, burdensome thing. 😦

  2. Perhaps that is only because they have been to afraid to really try it. 😉

    • I think my largest frustration with humanity as a whole (I can’t speak for Anthony) is that people are so unaccustomed to honesty they find it jarring.

      Saying something someone doesn’t want to hear doesn’t make you mean. Telling someone you don’t like them in plain words isn’t cruel. Telling someone you don’t like their hat doesn’t have to be taken as an insult.

      People just seem to be so hardwired into thinking anything that isn’t covered in kind words is unacceptable.

      I mean, personally at least, I’d rather just hear it up front and not have to waste my time worrying about it.

  3. Right. And if we can’t even be honest about a hat, how can we be honest about, or even with, ourselves?

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