Souls Lost in Stories

Souls Lost in Stories

If I poured my soul into every word
I’m just another messed up thing
If I bled for every word I spoke
You’d still bother me none the less

The words, they stopped rhyming
The flow seemed to cease
I saw you before me and shuttered a second
Looking back before a could breath

You weren’t what I expected, wanted or intended
I could have never planned for you
You came, you saw, you judged me unwanted
And you left along with a piece of me

I stand a look to where you once stood
Haunted by memories I can’t forsake
I move forward from this place
Because time supposed heals all wounds

I met another who caught my fancy
She filled my world with color and light
She seemed better for me than I thought at first
But then I fell to broken pieces still

She came, she saw, but I couldn’t contain
The mess inside that I tried to restrain
So she left like she was never there
And I stood alone once more

Time passed and my heart forgot
It forgot to love and forgot to want
People came and people went
Yet none of it seemed to spark or light

I shook hands and said the words
Then we walked out separate ways
Each one took a little hope
Until I was left empty and broke

Needless to say, I met you half-hearted
If a heart even still exists in there
But when I saw you something clicked
I could see it in your eyes

You were broken very differently
Yet you were broken just like me
You eyes had weight and your soul was shreds
Yet you smiled and poured it out to me

I couldn’t help but want for the contrast
I want and want for what I forgot to have
Whether it is love, lust or companionship
I want for what I’d never admit

Suddenly you breath life into my words
You offer solace with you eyes
The world, however bleak, continues to turn
And I smile in ways I never knew

Whether for a moment, a month or more
You offered something which I adore
Real hope of difference from before
A small piece of what I ‘m wanting for

Until tomorrow
Or when we meet
May my sorrow
Be what you seek


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