Relenting Will

Relenting Will

I’ve wander miles far to long and vast
All to end up standing before you now
I take a breath and make my offer at last
Still you dismiss it and I wonder how

I tell you I’ve traveled the seven seas
Braved the waters and tamed the breeze
Mustered the courage to beg you please
And you deny me with such careless ease

I’ve climbed the mountains, every one
Stood atop each rigid and frightful peak
I list the things I’ve gone and done
Yet your answer seems so bleak?

I’ve fought off armies big and small
Leveled the ground and razed them all
Assaulted each castle and stormed each wall
You must know how my emotions, you enthrall

My eyes fall to the sullied ground
I stand among the broken now
You turn and leave without a sound
And all I feel is pain as you disavow

Despite the trials and tortures I endured
Still no hero has matured.


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