Society: Stop Promoting That It’s “Good” to Work for Someone Else

I never understood this mindset—people attend schools and universities for nearly 25% of their life, and are usually thousands of dollars in debt, only to work for some prick that orders them around, and has the power to end their financial future if they do not “obey” each and every command. Somehow, someway, with some kind of backwards logic, this is promoted by society to be a “good thing.” I’m sure some of you have heard this statement before:

“Well you should just go to college like everyone else, and then get your degree. You’ll probably have the shitty end of the stick at the company you work for. But that’s okay, you can just “work your way up” the ranks, it’ll probably take at least 10 years to do so, but that’s what America is all about—hard work and paying your dues to live the American dream.”

Give it up—I have multiple issues with people who live their lives by the above idea. First, why the fuck should anyone be excited about having to work their way up in company for over a decade of their life? And also, in the process, be shit on and act as the company’s bitch. No thank you. But millions of Americans live this reality every day of their life. They are conditioned by the media, their parents, and society that it’s considered acceptable and honorable to unnecessarily work your ass off and take shit from other people. Finally, at the end of the day, when you do get your “big promotion,” you’re still not likely to be in any controlling position of the company, and you will still have to report to someone else who controls you. Whether this person is nice or not, they still control you on a conscious or subconscious level, even if you do not realize it. Most people hate their jobs for this reason and several others, of course. Nobody wants to be controlled for eight hours a day by some lunatic who thinks he or she is better than you.

So I don’t understand, why is that people don’t work for themselves? Why don’t they learn how to start their own businesses? Why don’t universities and high schools promote such financial independence? Simple, it has to do with the psychology of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In this case, society has created the prophecy. That is, it’s more convenient and easy to believe that working for someone else is what’s considered acceptable because that is what’s being promoted. And the ONLY “normal” path to being successful, is by working your way up through the ranks of a company. Oh, and if you dare deviate from normal, it’s taking a “huge risk” and everything could go wrong.

Well, that may be true to an extent, but it’s only because of the way our education system and society functions. If people were educated from day one about the dynamics of starting a business or being an independent contractor, than the success rates of being independent would be much higher. However, this doesn’t mean that someone cannot learn how to be successful through careful study and planning. I myself cannot stand the thought or idea of working for someone else, or having someone over my shoulder watching my every move. I always hated my jobs because of that. The interesting thing is that these managers always seem to be so nice when you interview with them; they seem like genuine people who you could get along with. But the second you attend your first day of work, you find out that your boss is actually a dictator from the ninth gate of hell. His whole demeanor changes, and you can visibly see his lust for power. Have fun with THAT for the next 10 years of your life. But come on, it’s what’s considered “acceptable” right?

Listen everyone, break free from the psychological chains of society and learn to start thinking for yourself. Do you hate your job? I’m sure you do, just like everyone else, so instead of sobbing about it, put all of your energy into looking for a viable solution that will change that—do something about it. Whether it’s starting a business of some kind, or being an independent contractor—use your creativity and intelligence to your advantage. What talents do you have? Could they be used to start a new service which would help others? These are important questions to ask yourself.

Why work harder when you can work smarter? There is no damn reason at all.



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