The Irresistible Mermaid

The Irresistible Mermaid

A beautiful seductress, her hair made of jewels
She haunts my dreams the good way, is that against the rules?
My fantasies are ceaseless, mirror mirror on the wall
Yes she’s a red head, and the fairest of them all

Her life is sequestered, her mystery my main goal
I’m insane to investigate, I thought gingers had no soul?
Impatient and swayed easy, I won’t give into the superstition
All I really want is her, turn the keys and start the ignition

No one captures me this much, I just don’t understand
Her aura is preciously white, a goddess to witness firsthand
A royal presence to see, and enthralling energy to feel
I’m at a loss for words, so I say fuck it and kneel

Dazed and confused, she steps out of the Euphrates
I’m not a mermaid, she said, are you like this with all the ladies?
My case is complex, but I try my best to explain
I’m spiritual and affectionate, the opposite of John Wayne

Her face lit up wide, and cracked a funny smile
She really was a mermaid, I guess this was all worthwhile
Beauty hidden in disguise, her fins set in motion
Let me show you my kingdom, and took me under the ocean


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