Passing Fancy

Passing Fancy

Weeping sadly by a once-loved tree
I saw this girl and she saw me
I inched closer to look and see
Oh, how beautiful she seemed to be
Thus I met sweet Marie

By a river in a shady park
Our eyes met and she left a mark
Like magic, that glowing spark
I shook her hand in the dark
Thus I met dearest Suzie Hart

On a bench, across a fading street
I swear I’d never seen a girl so sweet
I decided we would surely have to meet
So, I took a place on the ample seat
That was how I met my Haley Beet

I loved them all, loved them true
Once we’d met I already knew
Give us time and see it through
I’m sure you’ll come to see it too
How deep I am in love with you


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