Confidence Vs. Arrogance: Learn the Difference

I’d be the first person to admit I’m not the most modest person alive. I don’t, however consider myself to be overly arrogant. Something that really gets under my skin is the fact that people seem to think having any kind of pride is a mark of arrogance in today’s society. To be proud or to express an understanding of what you are capable of is seen in a negative light. This is a horrible way to approach self-reflection and definitely contributes to the lack of self-esteem that many people tend to have.

To have confidence is a state of having faith in oneself. It means you believe in yourself and know what you are capable of. To be proud of your accomplishments and to know what your skills are is not a bad thing. It is actually proven that people are attracted to confidence, it shows that you have self respect and strength of character. If you can’t respect yourself, you will have a hard time respecting other people or accepting respect from them. It is important to know what you are capable of so you are aware of what you’re not.

That last part is the key difference. Arrogance goes past overconfidence to the point of boasting skills you don’t have. It is an overwhelming confidence that you can’t back up. Arrogance is not an attractive quality to the majority of people because it gives off the impression that you are egocentric and self-absorbed. It shows that you are not good at respecting other people or valuing them. ,It is frustrating to be around people who constantly need to one-up everyone or constantly boast how they are better.

This really falls back to one of those “show, don’t tell” type of situations. Confidence is something that you tend to exude, it radiates from you like a presence. Arrogance is something that you not only give off, but tend to talk about often. The thing about arrogance is that it generally requires people to reaffirm it. Arrogant personalities tend to want people to tell them how good they are at everything they do. When they aren’t met with the acclaim they feel they deserve it negatively affects their mood.

Because confidence is a type of self-assurance, it doesn’t require the same degree of reaffirmation. Confidence people are copacetic with their faith in their own skills and don’t need to be told how good they are.

For a society full of so many arrogant people, I find it ridiculous that anyone would pretend that absolute modesty is something to cherish. You can be modest and confident, just not arrogant. People need to learn that being proud of your skills, especially the ones you have worked long and hard to acquire, is a good thing. You should feel good about them. They are tied to your sense of self worth. If you are forced to feel bad for feeling good, it will ruin that sense of self worth and ultimately ruin your self-esteem.

So, the moral here is simple: Learn the difference between arrogance and confidence, and stop telling people not to be proud of the wonderful things about themselves.



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