5 Ways To Lose Respect and Anger People

Respect is something we all have to earn. It is not something that is freely given or something we have a right to.

1. Demand that people respect you.
If you want to make sure that a child, family member or recent acquaintance will never respect you, simple demand said respect from them. After all, we always get what we demand right? Millions of children around the world demand what they want on a daily basis and are rewarded for it. This must be a good idea. They couldn’t all be wrong.If we feel that we are not being showed an adequate amount of respect, tell them they must respect you. When they undoubtedly refuse and act MORE disrespectful, say it louder. After all, whoever talks in the loudest voice is obviously going to get what they want.
Given enough time, we can surely demand respect from ever person we know or come in contact with. This is a sure-fire way to make sure that know one respects your authority.

2. Say things in a condescending and/or patronizing way.
Who doesn’t love being patronized? Everyone. Everyone doesn’t love being patronized. If you want to really get under your children/co-workers skin, talk down to them. Treat them like the obviously inferior creatures they are, this will definitely garner you exactly the amount of respect that you deserve.
If you want to really damage any chance of them respecting you in the future beyond repair, make sure to explain to them why you are so much better as well. Explain why the fact that they would even dare to challenge or question your unfathomable authority is beyond reason.
I mean, we all gave up on the golden rule a long time ago right? There is no reason to show respect to people we want to respect us.

3. Make sure to use “respect” and “submission” interchangeable.
Exclaim loudly that a person is being disrespectful whenever they disagree with you. After all, you can’t possibly respect a person’s opinion if you don’t immediately agree with it. Any thought of dissonance is an act of treason against your almighty authority and should be treated as thus.
Everyone younger, weaker, slower, stupider, less competent or generally less than you (which, lets face it, is probably everyone by your estimation) must respect you. This means that no one should ever argue with you otherwise they are being extremely rude. The very fact that your children might have an idea that varies from yours is ludicrous, you must have raised them wrong. Where is the respect?

4. If any respect remains, make sure to storm out when you are losing an argument.
Nothing says, “I’m a childish, ignorant jerk” like storming out of a room. This is sure to make sure that you have the last word in any argument. If you are unsure of how they could possibly be continuing to argue their obviously inferior point, to the point of being at a loss for words, simple make a dramatic exit from the room. Hoofing and stomping of feet are a must.
To reassert your authority, make sure to return sometime later after letting them stew. You are then able to throw up a “I’m the bigger person” routine to reinforce how much better you are. If their insolence knows no bounds, feel free to repeat the process. You are fully capable of storming out of that very same room two, three or even four more times. This makes the statement that you go where you want.

5. Insult anyone left… profusely.  
If there is a single soul remaining around you at this point, break out the hidden weapons. We are talking about those swears that you know your mother is cringing about where ever she is. Call them lots of vulgar and demeaning names. If all else fails you must break their spirit to teach them the art of submission. If you refer back to step 3, submission is the same as respect after all.
If you can, mix in some condescending and patronizing insults to really hit the point home. Free verse those insults in any way you can to show off your overwhelming creativity and prove, once more, that you are just better and deserve that respect. Combine any of the previous four steps together to accomplish this task.



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