True Love vs. “Love”: The Difference and Common Misconceptions

This topic always stirs a great deal of heated controversy, especially with men, as so many people are deeply passionate about their partner, but don’t truly love them for the long haul. This is why so many marriages fail, as well as relationships. I always cringe when I overhear a woman discussing with her girlfriends that she thinks she might be “in love,” but isn’t really sure and needs more time to “think” about it. That’s the first sign the relationship is headed on the path of everlasting doom.

Real, true love is something you do not have to think about it. It’s a binding energy between two people that absolutely cannot be broken, no matter who or what tries to come between them. Unlike temporary love (the relationships or marriages that break up after a few years), real love is about loving someone else so much that it hurts. It’s about knowing that you’ll be there for them every moment of your existence. It’s about wanting to grow old with that person and making sure that you do everything you can to comfort them and bring them pure joy and happiness. True love is when you look into your partner’s eyes and just that sight alone is enough to give you intense adrenaline, and even tears you up because you love them so much. It’s when you cannot stand for a second to be out of their presence or you would miss them tremendously. It’s the person that has touched you so deeply on every mental, emotional, and spiritual level that they are your entire life—your reality, your everything, and you would NEVER leave them or let them go ever. Real love is the absolute most beautiful feeling in the universe, and it’s a divine gift to humanity that words cannot fully describe, because the emotion is so incredibly deep. Despite what people tell you, soul mates DO exist. That’s how people are happily married for 60 years and beyond, it’s because their love was a TRUE, never dying, spiritual connection.

Unfortunately in today’s society, most relationships lack this. Couples now think it’s normal to “have a break from each other” or “give each other some space,” well I’m sorry, if you’re in that type of relationship, then you certainly need to rethink your options. Take a moment and analyze it; marriage in the 21st century has been portrayed to be this terrible thing where all the husbands and wives do are argue with each other and try to control each other. Look at the media—celebrities constantly breaking up with one another, the television sitcoms discouraging marriage because it’s “too much work,” and then the people who were not right for each other to begin with, are telling their friends that marriage is terrible and controlling.

People don’t understand that it’s not true love when they are married to each other and argue every two seconds. No, that is a compatibility issue that the couple will not admit they have. And so, instead of finding someone else, they stay locked in a loveless marriage for years. Two people that truly love each other do NOT need to get marriage counseling. If couples are constantly fighting with each other at the beginning of the marriage, it’s only going to get worse—people don’t understand this fact and I’ve seen it play out again and again. You’re not going to change someone’s personality this late in their life. The fact of the matter is, if you intuitively feel that you made a mistake in marrying someone, don’t just bear with it for the rest of your life, do something about it and find someone who will actually treat you with respect and love you for everything that you are! Someone that will love you unconditionally and be there for you every moment.

It simply is not worth it to “settle” for someone out of the fear of being lonely. Understand that if you truly connect with your spirituality and embrace the fact that you DO have soul mates out there that are waiting for you at this very moment, then they will come to you eventually or you will find them yourself. And most importantly, people, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INTUITION! Have you ever been in a public place and looked at a person, and for some reason you started uncontrollably smiling and started to get butterflies in your stomach? And then the very next night you dreamt about them and couldn’t stop thinking about them? Have you ever meant someone and just felt amazing around them for no reason?

Well, do not just dismiss these signs. You’re feeling those things for a reason and it’s most likely divine guidance being passed down to you. You will know the difference between regular attraction compared to feeling uncontrollable passion and love for someone. Love at first sight is a real phenomena, not just a theory. Society likes to brainwash us from a young age that this type of love is not possible. Well guess what? That is complete bullshit. I have seen it myself with certain couples and it’s amazing, and beautiful to watch.

And by the way, I’m NOT saying at all that if you’re currently in a relationship or marriage with someone and you fight with them every now and then, that the person is not right for you or that you don’t truly love them. Because realistically, there will be some arguing from time-to-time, since finding the “perfect” person is rare and difficult. But what I am saying, is to reconsider what love really means and don’t just settle for something that you’re not happy with. If you are truly happy than that’s fantastic, but if you’re not, don’t just “deal” with it. For those of you who want to add more romance to your current relationship, rethink what it means to be in love with someone, and remember how you felt about that person when you first met them! Doing this will help to add more deepness to the relationship. And above all, embrace real love and your partner, if you truly love them, then do whatever it takes to make them happy, and your partner should do the same.



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