Texting: The Downfall of Human Communication

I’m going to admit right off the bat that I have a bit of a vendetta against text messaging. This has nothing to do with the concept behind it or how well connected it keeps people. I definitely think that it has some obvious benefits. Never before has the world’s population (as a whole, not all parts of it) had such an immediate and interconnected way of communicating. As an avid observer of human communication patterns, I find it extremely interesting and wonderful for this reason.

You can attach pictures and files to texts, send them from anywhere you have wifi or phone service on most devices. It took something that humanity has been doing for a VERY long time, communicating via the written word, and made it immediate and massively wide spread. It is efficient and often more discreet than answering a phone call while out in public.

All of that aside, it is ruining the next generation. The need to communicate faster and faster has driven the invention of a number of different abbreviations and slang expressions. Some of them make legitimate sense, as some words are arduous to type out, especially on an old flip phone. However, some of them save next to no time and have severely damaged the grammar of the common person. A good example of this is the use of “2” instead of “to.” For one thing, you are saving one button. This is a mere fraction of a second. In reality, I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people stumble over which form of “to” is the appropriate one for a given situation. The difference between you’re and your is all but ignored. As this process becomes more ingrained in civilization, these atrocities creep their way into daily speech and writing.

I’m just going to point this out right now:  At no point in time is it ever, and I mean EVER, acceptable to use wat for what, 2 for to, U for you, cuz for because in professional, academic or formal writing. NO. DON’T DO IT!

The grammatical homicide in mind, that isn’t even my biggest beef with text messaging. The more our next generation relies on text messaging as a primary form of communication, the more it effects their ability to read body language. I’m not talking about the high level NLP reading here either. I’m talking about basic body language that allows us to determine the basic impression of a person’s mood or if they are being sarcastic. This is something that you naturally learn by talking to a variety of people and watching them. It is almost unconscious. A conversation across text lacks all of this, making any meager expression of non-verbal language explicit with the use of emoticons.

So, we’ll raise a generation of children who have no idea how to talk to one another. This will increase misunderstandings on a personal level, which will lead to misunderstandings on a global level. If we aren’t careful, we’ll have an entire race of socially awkward, inter-personally underdeveloped people.

+10 points to Text messaging for casting Stupify on the human race.



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