The Backstabbing Bastard

The Backstabbing Bastard

His non-threatening gleeful smile lured me into deception
Most people I see right through, this was the exception
He stood six feet tall, with wavy brown hair
Ugly as sin, his face worse than a grizzly bear

I looked past the latter, but didn’t see this coming
He touched my girlfriend’s ass, my plot for revenge I was humming
Fuck this guy, I said, that was the last straw
So I told his wife, he wants a ménage à trois

Yes you heard correct, clearly a married man
My girlfriend thought it was harmless, even she was still a fan
But his wife not so much, this woman was heated
I’ll bet she was surprised, that such an ugly man cheated

Be careful who you trust, this guy was hard to bear
Apparently not to my girlfriend, she was having an affair
Filled with outrage, I couldn’t watch a second more
I’d have never committed, had I known she was such a whore

Despite the stress she caused, I do still wish her well
She’s out there somewhere, shagging some guy in a motel
But that’s her deal, it doesn’t matter any longer
I learned from this experience and came out stronger


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