Inner Me, Enemy

Inner Me, Enemy

Smile all you want, it’ll do you no good
Shake their hands and show no pain
Hide your intention in a shadowy hood
What is it you hope to gain?

I beg you to deny me no longer
For we are one and the same
Accept me and you’ll grow stronger
Realize that only you are to blame

We can stand at odds and fight today
Swinging swords and trading blows
Unwitting actors in a pointless play
There is no winner in a battle of prose

Accept me for all I am, all we are
Show them the truth and hide no more
Let them see your deepest scar
There’s no need to keep the score

Rant and rave then sulk and cry
Let loose the torrent you withheld
Say what you mean before you imply
Then your dissonance shall be quelled


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  1. Beautiful and relateable. Thank you for sharing!

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