Two Worlds At War

Two Worlds At War

The snooty side of reality, greed and opulence
Everyone sucks but us, they only want my two cents
The working class suffers, why should I help them?
I just out of bed, it’s past 2 p.m.

Broken will and broken mind alike
My poverty cuts deeper than knives
I want for what they have in spite
Their waste could feed a dozen lives

This contrast seems absurd                                                               This contrast seems absurd

Yachts and fancy cars, parties galore
Money answers to me, I don’t need to sweep the floor
The equivalence of wealth, the equivalence of mine
You peons can rot, stop wasting my time

Bitter eyes lust for what we cannot obtain
The mountains that stand between us now
My despair is worsened by your distain
I seethe at the sight of the gloating cow

Without contrast, there is nothing                                       Without contrast, there is nothing

My food’s overcooked, I send it back
Who cares about waste, I pity Freddie Mac
Their distain is meaningless, where’s my chauffeur?
Inside knowledge of the market, you can call me a saboteur

So much for hope, so much for dreams
I can hardly find food to sustain
A world, our world, set a blaze by fiends
Yet, this is justice, they maintain?

This contrast…

The contrast…

Defines me.                                                                                                               Defines me. 

-Anthony and Benjamin


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