Top 5 Ways to Win an Argument

1. When the person argues with you, act like you don’t care.

Unadulterated arrogance is the key to winning arguments, but not the direct “in your face” type of arrogance, instead you want the indirect kind. Make it seem like you already know that you’re right, so no matter what the person says, they’ll feel as though they need to “convince” you otherwise just based on your vocal tonality and body language. This is where you gain power because now you have them chasing you and all you need to do is walk away. They will be seething over your arrogance, but that’s their problem, not yours.

2. The less you say, the better. Only present to them the facts of the situation. Again, be snarky.

So many people feel the need to constantly throw back insulting statements at the other person and try to belittle him/her. But keep in mind, the more angry you become in an argument, the more the other person is winning and the more power you are giving them. If you act carefree and instead just say a few things to really aggravate them, you’re winning. Here’s an example:

You: “I just saw on TV that this politician robbed the public of all kinds of money. I’m so tired of these corrupt people in office, people need to get their act together and see through the facade. The government is really corrupt lately.”

Arguer: “You’re a very ignorant person, there’s nothing wrong with our government and you’re just a stupid conspiracy theorist who knows nothing.”

You: “Oh, thanks for your opinion, but unfortunately your comments stem from a matter of pure bias and not the absolute truth. But it’s OK, everyone is delusional at one point or another, and it would appear you’re having one of those moments right now, so I’ll leave you be.”

Arguer: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You: Smiles and walks away

3. As tempting as it may be, don’t feel like you need to have the person admit they’re wrong.

Especially during an argument, even if they are wrong, they will NEVER admit it. This is because admitting they made an error would thereby put you in a higher light and place them in a lower status. They’ll say the most illogical, nonsensical things to you, to avoid admitting defeat. Arguing can be the equivalent of psychological warfare, the calmer you are, the more clearly you will think. The more clearly you think, the better you’ll be able to defend your position without sounding ridiculous. If you go into an argument NOT trying to get the other person to admit they are wrong, but to instead get them to think that YOU think you are right no matter what, then you have won automatically.

4. Try to get others to chime in and take your side whenever possible.

Its starts to become very challenging for your opponent to argue with you when a whole group of people are taking your side. This could be risky, though, if they are not trustworthy. Make sure you know that others will vouch for you, otherwise it’s best to have an argument when there’s not others around to overhear it.

5. Always get the last word.

Nothing pisses someone off more than you getting in that last “smart remark” before the argument is finished. Ideally, try to move to a location where you can be mobile and walk away from the person to a different location so they won’t have time to respond to you. For instance, you’ve kept your cool during the argument and this person is now ripshit at you for showing him/her up by using the above techniques. Just when they thought they’ve won, you sneak in a really quick derogatory statement stating they are still in the wrong. But before they have a chance to answer, you either hop in your car and drive away, or walk into another room and close the door on them. If you perform this psychological technique properly, they will be fuming over the fact that you got the last word AND you think you’re right. Getting the last word is a tried and true technique in winning debates. Politicians do it all the time.




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