The Female Vampire

The Female Vampire

I fantasize in the midst of my day
Why can’t she dance with me? That’d be a dark ballet
Super powers and eternal life, the vampire allure
Forever is only the beginning, she said, I want the grand tour

The potential is liberating and enchantingly seductive
With her fangs pressed against my neck? I’m sorry, that’s a bit destructive
Take a risk they say, so I disregard her flaw
But if shit hits the fan, I’ll be the first to lay down the law

A creature of the night overshadowed by the beauty of innocence
Worries that plague me fade, and her eyes capture my soul
The inevitable conundrum of right or wrong
If love is truly unconditional, then I’ll play along

She grips my hands and we soar the sky, the buildings seem small
Watch out for the tree, I said, damn that was a close call
An awkward moment, yes, but her elegance is brighter
I’m excited nonetheless, she invited me for an overnighter

I wake up on my porch, was this all real?
Of course not, my mom said, what’s your fucking deal?
I try to explain and layout the facts
But it was all just a dream, surely enchantment attracts


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