Beauty: Call Me Shallow If You Want

After an interesting foray into the world of online-dating and attempting to meet potential romantic interests, I have come to a few conclusions. This piece will be primarily about the one that I find most frustrating; people need to make up their fucking minds.

Pretty much any person you ever meet will say they want a significant other to be honest with them. Everyone says they hate being lied. That is all well and good, but HEAVEN FORBID you should ever say you aren’t attracted to them. It is like some kind of taboo to ever admit to not wanting to date someone because you don’t find them attractive. Instantly you went from being kind, funny and sweet to an insensitive, vain asshole. I mean, come on!

I’m going to point something out right here and now: There is nothing wrong with wanting to find someone you are looking at as a romantic option attractive. If you aren’t physically attracted to them now, you sure as hell wouldn’t be 40 years down the line when everything starts sagging. You know what I call people who I trust, can make me laugh, have an awesome personality and I enjoy being around? MY FRIENDS.

What is so horribly wrong about saying you think someone is awesome but don’t want to date them? The only really noticeable difference between a really close friend and a significant other is the fact that one you feel passionate and intimate about and the other you don’t.

Are you all saying we should settle for any person that comes by that makes us laugh? Settling will never lead to a happy relationship, the thoughts of dissent will always be in the back of your mind. If they don’t find you attractive, you deserve to find someone who does as well. It’s not shallow and it’s not vain. I should want to be able to look at my partner and think, “Damn,” with a good kind of nervous tension.

Nobody is for everyone, so don’t resent someone for following their heart; it’s in both of your interest in the long term.

As a little side note, just because someone doesn’t find you attractive doesn’t mean they don’t find you beautiful. It isn’t some kind of huge insult to say you aren’t attracted to someone, it could just be chemistry. There are plenty of women that I would say are very beautiful but I feel no passion or lust for.

The moral of this little tirade: If you want people to be honest, DON’T SCORN THEM FOR IT!



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