The Approach

The Approach

I glance at her across the room, my mind ponders
She lifts her head briefly, does he only want sex? She wonders
Tempting figure, beautiful hair, endless possibilities
But I’m not that type of guy, even given my innate abilities

A crowded space, never ending competition
And preposterous claims of suitability hidden amongst their words
But screw those other guys, I’m a man on a mission
Calmness is essential, they won’t get on my nerves

Her energy captivates me, so soft and delicate
A struggle between action and passivity
My higher self shows me the way
The path to true happiness shines before me

I wonder where, I wonder how
But all the hypotheticals are nonsense, it’s just the here and the now
They say to be genuine and display chivalry
So I glide over to her way, like literally

I offer a simple hello and smile, a shocking response
You’re not like the other guys, she said, that shit was so nonchalance
And away we go into the night, all the fear gone
I even got a second date, you can call me Don Juan


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