The Gross Reality of Privileged People

Privilege comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes: the guy who knows the owner of a nightclub or its DJ and hence gets that undeserved status; your boss at work who feasts on jelly doughnuts and Chinese food while you do all the labor; the teacher or college professor who starts ridiculing you in front of the classroom because of his position, or the police officer who arrests veterans for participating in a vigil, and the list goes on. The cold hard reality is that most privileged people think that they walk on water. They typically abuse their power or even worse, had no power to begin with but knew who someone does have it and are now in an undeserved position of “status.” I think it’s one thing if an individual has respectfully paid his or her dues and worked up a ladder of some sort and is humble about his or her success. On the other hand, those who arrogantly like to shove in your face that they are somehow “better” than you because of their position in life or because they know more important people than you do truly irks me…actually it makes me feel sick. This will happen either directly or indirectly, but either way, they know what they are doing.

Here’s a great example: I recently got back from a nightclub (I’m a hip hop dancer so I go out all the time), and for years I’ve witnessed one man gain an astronomical amount of unworked for social status, sheerly because he happens to know the DJ of this particular venue. The guy’s name is Andrew. He stands next to the DJ’s booth all night long and the DJ even lets him run the equipment so that he’ll look important. It’s gotten so out of control, actually, that the women who go to this place think he’s the actual DJ— the one who controls everything. They take pictures with him, want to dance with him, and even have sex with him because of his status which he completely orchestrated. Don’t get me wrong, I think it was an intelligent move on his part since he didn’t need to work for anything, but that doesn’t take away the fraud he is. I’m sure he talks smack about other bar patrons as if they are peons compared to him. Well guess what? I finally put this mother fucker in his place last weekend. I was just about getting ready to leave the club, when a beautiful group of women decided to shout compliments out to me from a distance. So I looked over my shoulder to thank them for their kind words and there he was: a worm in disguise hiding behind his fake persona. He was involved with this group of women and so I knew I’d have to opportunity to expose him. The women were all gloating about how they were hanging out with the “DJ,” and then I stepped in for commentary.

Me: “Actually, he’s not the DJ, (I point behind me) that other guy over there with the polo shirt is.”

Girls: “Ohhhh! We didn’t know that, we thought this guy was!!”

The best part was that he actually had to admit he was not the DJ. He pathetically muttered and stumbled on his words while saying that he was not involved with DJing, as he lowered his head and stewed in the midst of pure shame. I had taken away his status and the women no longer viewed him as the “idol” he was making himself out to be.

The other thing I cannot stand is the self-righteousness of folks such as college professors who think they are better than everyone else just because they are in the field of education, and are somehow “bettering our society” with the worthless textbooks of horseshit they so lovingly expect their students to embrace. I’ll never forgot this one professor of sociology that I had. She literally tried to tell the students that if they dare argue with any her points of view that she would subsequently threw them out of the classroom and also report them to the dean. I was fucking disgusted and immediately dropped the class. Actually, I think I remember some of the dialogue. It’s not totally precise but it went something like this:

Bitch professor: “I’ve been in my field for 35 years, so don’t even try arguing with me. I’m sick of students who think they know more than I do coming into my class and arguing just for the sake of arguing. You don’t know more than me, you cannot argue with me, and you cannot veer from the scope of my ideas and this textbook. I’ve put together everything you need to know, so if you try to challenge me even once, I’ll throw you out of this classroom and report you to the dean.”

Yeah….right. So let me get this straight, she is essentially telling the students that they are not allowed to form their own ideas, opinions, or healthy debate questions to expand their knowledge on this subject? Yes, I believe she is. In her close minded world of complete ignorance and insecurity, she fully expects each student to agree with every notion she brings up in the class. Now I may be wrong here, but isn’t sociology a widely debated issue? I’m pretty sure the study of human social behavior is widely open for interpretation. Well not in this bitch’s world it isn’t.

So what’s the point of all this anyways? The point is to stand up to people who abuse their privilege and stop them from their pathetic displays of undeserved authority. Don’t take no for an answer and fight to expose them for who they really are.



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